Sustainability and Values


Dunnewolt writes Quality, Security and Reliability in capital letters. We have our own design-, engineering- and electrical department for the PLC/PC control systems. Our own production facilities manufacture all the system components, so we are totally independent from any supplier. Only parts and components with qualifications that meet our high standards are used in our equipment in order to safeguard a reliable and virtually maintenance-free operation. And as an international supplier, we always take the European Quality Standard CE into account, together with the standard set by our authorities. At Dunnewolt the bottom-line is always top quality, and nothing less!



As you are fully aware, no laundry stands on its own. The type of linen, the specific operation of the laundry, the machinery used and the building where our systems are needed require a customized design. That’s why Dunnewolt’s policy is to have a close working relationship with our clients in order to determine the design from the first sketch onwards. We integrate the specific knowledge of our customers to their advantage! We also take into consideration that the way of operation in each country differs, not only by law, but also from a labour point of view. So it is of the greatest importance that, together with our dealers, we achieve the most suitable logistics design. We take care of that, and more! Our own skilled technicians install our systems worldwide, sometimes with the much appreciated assistance of local engineers. In this way they become familiar with our systems, should maintenance or repair jobs be needed. So immediate assistance is always close at hand; something our clients greatly appreciate!