K8-2 Power & Free system at Feneko (Be)

Recently our German subsidiary TFX Railtechnik installed a k8-2 Power & Free system at Feneko in Brussels, Belgium. The ability to load products horizontally and transport them vertically through the system makes this system unique.

Feneko is specialized in metal manufacturing and focuses on sheet metal processing and the production of aluminum fly windows and fly doors. The Belgian company was looking for a system in which their products could be powder coated. Railtechniek had the solution: a K8-2 Power & Free system.

The products are loaded horizontally at the crossbeam at the teletables. Loading the products takes place at a working height of +/- 1.2 meters. The teletable will lift the crossbeam with the product to a height of 5 meters. The products are then hung vertically and transported through the pre-treatment line and drying oven. The system consists of two powder booths, each with a turntable. The turntable ensures that the crossbars with products can be rotated in the powder booths. This allows the products to be powder coated on both sides.

The k8-2 Power & Free system is realized on a surface of +/- 1850 m². Of the 100 traverse beams that the system contains, 35 are fed per hour. Each beam has a maximum load capacity of 140 kg

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