Project ShowCases


Expansion of the monorail system at Hijnekamp Kozijnen

Last week Railtechniek installed a Monorail 240.000 system at Hijnekamp kozijnen in Rhenen. Hijnekamp manufactures wooden casings, windows and doors. Hijnekamp wanted to expand the existing system to increase production. Railtechniek van Herwijnen was able to help the carpentry factory with this.


Monorail expansion at Gebr. Van Herpen

This week we installed a monorail system at Bouwbedrijf Gebroeders van Herpen BV. This involves an expansion of the existing monorail system. Gebr. van Herpen has a modern machine park and is located in Heesch. The family company for many years is specialized in the production of window frames, windows, doors and roof cowls.


D8 floor conveyor at Soendgen Keramik

Recently Railtechniek installed a D8 Floor Conveyor at Soendgen Keramik GmbH. Soendgen produces a wide variety of ceramic pottery. The company has two production facilities in Germany. The floor conveyor of Railtechniek van Herwijnen is used in the Gelsdorf facility.


T1 Power & Free system at Lackro-Finishing (Ro)

This week we delivered a  T1 Power & Free system at S.C. Lackro-Finishing in Timisoara, Romania. The Romanian company is a manufacturer of spraying facilities, such as spray booths and drying ovens. The system supplied by Railtechniek van Herwijnen contains a total chain length of 90 m and has a maximum load per carrier of 300 kg.

After the products have been loaded into the Power & Free system, they are first blasted. The products are then transported to the powder booths where ...


Unique D8 chain conveyor system at Technicoat in Poland.

A lot of coating companies have problems with pollution on the products of chain conveyor systems, whose bearings are relubricated with oil. Railtechniek van Herwijnen has found a solution for this by developing a chain with bearings that contain a lifetime lubrication.


Automatic Dipping Crane at JAZO.

Railtechniek recently installed a Dipping Crane at Jazo in Zevenaar. This system enables Jazo to automatically place and treat their products in the various baths.

Jazo is located in Zevenaar and specializes in the development and production of doors and ventilation grilles. Jazo wanted a Dipping Crane that would move and treat the products automatically through the system.


K8-2 Power & Free system at Feneko (Be)

Recently our German subsidiary TFX Railtechnik installed a k8-2 Power & Free system at Feneko in Brussels, Belgium. The ability to load products horizontally and transport them vertically through the system makes this system unique.

Feneko is specialized in metal manufacturing and focuses on sheet metal processing and the production of aluminum fly windows and fly doors. The Belgian company was looking for a system in which their products could be powder coated. Railtechniek had the ...


Exclusive Wampfler system at Timmerfabriek De Mol

Recently we installed a Wampfler 63 conveyor system with drop sections at Timmerfabriek De Mol. The installation is an extension of the current system of De Mol which also uses certain components of the previous system, including two pendulum beams. The system was realized within a month.

Timmerfabriek De Mol is located in Heinkenszand. The company is specialized in the processing of wooden frames, windows and doors. De Mol was interested in expanding their existing Wampfler system and ...


Shunting Bridge system at Hörmann in Dubai

Commissioned by Rippert Anlagentechnik, Railtechniek van Herwijnen has installed a conveyor system at Hörmann in Dubai. It involves a Shunting Bridge system, type 240.000. This kind of system is suitable for products up to a length of 8.2 meters and 250 kg.

Hörmann, part of the Hörmann Group, develops and manufactures revolving doors, frames and drives for use in private and commercial buildings. Hörmann approached Railtechniek for a conveyor system in their Dubai subsidiary.


Bridge Cranes at Vianen Kozijnen B.V.

Railtechniek van Herwijnen has delivered 24 Bridge Cranes at Vianen Kozijnen B.V. Teleflex. B.V., part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Groep, is the exclusive sales office of the Swiss GIS hoists in The Netherlands.

GIS hoists are 'the' standard within the carpentry industry, due to their high degree of reliability, attractive pricing and variation in speeds, loads and operating modes (such as radio remote controls).


Monorail system including a special interruption mechanism at General Dynamics European Land Systems - Mowag GmbH

For a newly built factory in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland) Mowag has bought a monorail system from Railtechniek van Herwijnen which allows their products to be sprayed hanging

Mowag is part of General Dynamics which is located in Switzerland. In the past 50 years Mowag has specialized in the development and production of specialized vehicles with weights ranging from 9 to 30 tons.

02.08.2018 to 30.08.2018

Railtechniek van Herwijnen contributes to efficient and high quality product finishing at Corradi in Italy.

This summer, we delivered a new conveyor system at the Italian company Corradi in Bologna, Italy. Corradi develops and produces tailor made solutions for outdoor living environments. As part of Renson, Corradi is specialized in the development and production of terrace covers, solar sails and fabric sun protection products. Following the successful installation of a conveyor system in Belgium, the mother company Renson has approached Railtechniek once again for a conveyor system for their Ita ...


D8-200 Teleflex chain conveyor system at Ice Factory Strombeek

This summer we delivered a chain conveyor system at Ice Factory Strombeek. Thanks to our conveyor system, Strombeek has been able to increase its production in which the products can be easily transported internally, for various treatments. The project was completed within a week, in which both the old chain conveyor system was dismantled and the new chain conveyor installed.


Chain conveyor system at powder coatings Schouteetens Bvba.

Last week Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V. installed a chain conveyor system at Schouteetens Bvba in Wevelgem, Belgium. The delivery and assembly took place in a short period of time of no less than 2 weeks. 

Schouteetens is a powder coating company in Wevelgem, which is specialized in electrostatic powder coating of metals and aluminum. The powder coating of the products ensures that they get a better and thinker coating layer. In addition, this method of threatment is less harmfuller t ...


Chain conveyor at Merwede Springs

Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V. has delivered a chain conveyor system with a length of 1200 metres at Merwede Springs, for the lacquering of springs they produce.

The chain is made by the manufacturer Stewart Gill from England, part of the van Herwijnen group, which has been supplying this type of cardan chain since 1944. The advantage of the installed system is a short radius possibility, so that maximum use can be made of the muffle oven and s ...


STS track with rotation unit at Adamas

Recently we have completedd a new project at Adamast in Herentals, Belgium. In collaboration with Adamas, the internal transport system was realized in a short period of time.

Adamas is specialised in the production of innovative diamond tools and machinery. Over more than 30 years Adamas has been satisfying the client needs in professional tools for sawing, drilling and grinding concrete and other building materials.


Power & Free floor conveyor transports transmission units at Dana in Belgium.

Early 2018 Railtechniek van Herwijnen provided the Belgium company Dana Holding Corporation with a special: a Power & Free floor conveyor. Dana is an international market leader as it comes to the development and production of drive systems. Dana offers transmissions and related control, axles and driveshafts for all off-highway applications plus a suite of advanced technology system solutions.



Shunting bridge system at Doornenbal Poedercoaters

By the end of 2017 Railtechniek van Herwijnen has realized a Shunting wagon system at Doornenbal B.V. in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. Doornenbal is an company who’s specialized in the powder coating of various products. Railtechniek van Herwijnen has supported Doornenbal with the developing of a complete powder coating line.


Monorail system with flexible routing at Nobels B.V.

In January 2018, Railtechniek van Herwijnen delivered a large monorail system at Nobels B.V. in Katwijk, the Netherlands. In collaboration with Nobels, this monorail system was realized in a short space of time.

Nobels is a company which manufactures various machines and products  for the agriculture and horticulture sector. Nobels also focuses on complete palletizing systems, in which all engineering and production is under its own management.  


A new Dunnewolt D2 soil system and sorting system for House With No Steps (AU)

Dunnewolt has successfully installed a new D2 soil rail including a hoist and sorting system at the commercial laundry business of House With No Steps in Australia. House With No Steps is one of Australia’s leading disability service providers. They provide employment to over 500 people with a disability. Dunnewolt specially designed the rail system taking into account the employees with a disability. Therefor the sorting station is sunk into the ground to reach a proper working height for th ...


An overhead bridge crane system for DRU Verwarming B.V. (NL)

Guests who visit DRU Verwarming B.V. in Duiven immediately feel at home. Entering the showroom you are met by a delightful scent of crackling fire. DRU shows a wide range of fireplaces in all types and sizes, most of them in operation. They offer fires and stoves. We would like to know how DRU is able to deliver such a wide variety of fireplaces in short time and tailor made. How does DRU maintain the high level of their well-known quality. did Rai ...

TELEFLEX® D8 transfer chains - Kamp Coating (NL) Reconstruction conveying system

For Kamp Coating Railtechniek reconstructed the existing overhead conveying system. Kamp Coating is specialized in surface pretreatment and powder coating of metal products. Kamp Coating finishes various metal products with a suitable coating system, for instance, spare parts for the automotive sector, mechanical engineering and  agro technics. The company has national coverage and invests in innovative, sustainable solutions. Their aim is to deliver quality ...

De voordelen van een D8 vloerconveyor voor LFT Coating Industrie

In het artikel 'Natlakken op een grondconveyor biedt voordelen' in het vakblad Oppervlaktetechnieken van december 2016 legt Joost Linssen van LFT Coating Industrie uit wat voor LFT de voordelen zijn van een D8 vloerconveyor.

T1 Teleflex Power & Free conveyor for JC Interiors (G)

For JC Interiors in Hannover TFX-Railtechnik has installed a T1 Teleflex Power & Free conveyor system for transporting and buffering of VW rooftops. The T1 Power and Free system for JC Interiors consists of 6 parallel placed lines with buffer zones at the roof, just to enable the manufacturing and buff ...


A new powdercoating line for TMP Coatings BV (NL)

Trading under the name of TMP Coatings BV, TMP Metaalbedrijven from Waalwijk started with a powder coating line for metal parts. Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V. deliverd and installed the complete new line. The main objective for TMP was optimisation of the logistic flows together with flexible options. 

Verhuizing Deege Metaal Finishing b.v. snel verlopen mede door Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V.

Voor Deege Metaal Finishing (DMF b.v.) realiseerde Railtechniek van Herwijnen (Railtechniek) razendsnel de verhuizing van de hangbaansystemen en diverse oppervlaktebehandelingsinstallaties. Railtechniek startte medio juni 2016 met de inrichting van het nieuwe pand. Begin juli stond DMF alweer in de startblokken om de productie in gang te zetten op zijn nieuwe locatie aan de Centurionbaan 90 op het bedrijventerrein Richelleweg in Soesterberg. Door de grootte van 2500 m2 van dit prachtige nieuw ...


A XXL system for Hop Metaalconservering BV in Veenendaal (NL)

We installed a Teleflex T5 Power & Free conveyor system for Hop Metaalconservering BV in Veenendaal. This heavy duty system transports very large and heavy metal constructions through the surface treatment processes.

It's probably the largest system in the Benelux, with a capacity of maximum 25 meters and 5000 kg.

A TELEFLEX® T4 Power & Free System for Atik Metal (TR)

For over 60 years Atik Metal provides high quality gray and ductile iron parts. They use modern equipment with the latest technology. In June 2016 we installed a TELEFLEX® T4 Power & Free System and a Monorail 240.000 for Atik with a total length of nearly 550 meters, supplied with 326 pusher dogs and 60 load bars.

Teleflex T1 power and free for Kreuznacher Zentralwäscherei GmbH (DE)

For Kreuznacher Zentralwäscherei GmbH in Bad Kreuznach (DE), TFX Railtechnik installed a Teleflex T1 power and free conveyor. The conveyor has a length of 95 meters and equipped with pusher dogs, stop stations and vertical bends to compensate the height difference of 7 meters. The system is equipped with 35 pieces of load bars to transport laundry rolcontainers.

Blycolin Laundry Renkum in Renkum (NL)

Dunnewolt installed a D3 system (clean side) at Blycolin Laundry Renkum (NL) by order of Senso Technics. The new system has 5 drop points and a capacity of 35 bag containers with a maximum load of 70 kgs for 2 types of linen. Now Blycolin has 2 original Dunnewolt monorail systems at their laundry. Earlier Dunnewolt finished the installation of the modification of the D2 system (soiled side). We also assembled a new sorting station with 8 positions, using the 2 existing sorting stations.

Crown Linen LLC in Fort Myers (USA)

Dunnewolt has successfully introduced a new sorting station. We have made a combination of the sorting station for single trolley bag containers and the stainless steel sorting bins for the double trolley bag containers. We can now sort in a single row like the sorting station and have the same capacity of the sorting bins. The width of the sorting station is almost even of the belt conveyor. The linen is now sorted in bags, which automatically open and close. The bags are fitted in a steel f ...

Top Centre Laundry in East Devonport (AUS)

Dunnewolt B.V. has been awarded again with a new major contract to supply and install a new D2 and D3 Dunnewolt monorail system at Top Centre Laundry in East Devonport (AUS). The order contains the delivery of 14 Dunnewolt stainless steel sorting bins with sorting belts, a new D2 system and a new D3 system and the complete installation of above.


Start assembly July 2016


Hotelier Linen Services in Miami (USA)

Dunnewolt is currently installing 2 original Dunnewolt monorail system at Hotelier Linen Services Miami for Senso Technics B.V. The Dunnewolt D2-OC system is used at the soil side of the laundry. The delivery contains sorting- and weighing stations for 20 positions, several pneumatic and electric hoists, feeding and storage lines, switches, bends, open/close units etc.. The D2 monorail system is equipped with 200 bag containers each containing a load of 100lbs. On the clean side a Dunnewolt D ...


Knights Commercial Laundry in Toowoomba (AUS)

Dunnewolt B.V. awarded with a new major contract to supply and install a new D2 and D3 Dunnewolt monorail conveyor at Knights Commercial Laundry in Toowoomba (AUS).  The order also contains the delivery of 14 Dunnewolt stainless steel sorting bins, several loading and sorting belts and the complete installation of above components.

Start assembly December 2015.  


Göddecke Textilpflege in Olsberg (D)

Beginning of August 2015 Dunnewolt B.V. started with fitting the steel construction at Göddecke Textilpflege (D). With our skilled mechanics the complex steel construction was completed without interfering the customers production.


Don Bosco in Sint-Niklaas (B)

Dunnewolt completed an extension at Wasserij Don Bosco (B). To not disturb the production during the customer working hours, the Dunnewolt mechanics fitted the steel construction, the new pneumatic hoist and all original Dunnewolt parts during the weekend and night hours.


GWG Gasser in Flaurling (AT)

Dunnewolt acquired a new purchase order for delivering a Dunnewolt D2 monorail conveyor for Jensen Österreich. The new system with the original Dunnwolt stainless steel track has to installed at GWG Gasser in Flaurling (AT).

Assembly completion of the Dunnewolt conveyor is scheduled for September 2015. 


Lavanderia Industrial Crisver Sl in Mijas Costa (E)

Dunnewolt recently delivered a new monorail D2 system – OC at Lavanderia Industrial Crisver Sl in Spain. With a 3 position sorting- and weighing station automated with a chain conveyor the laundry  can be sorted in the new 60 bag containers. 3 pneumatic hoist and 1 electric double column hoist are guiding the bag containers to the storage and return lines. An automatic discharge/close unit open and closes the bag above the hopper.


Wasserij de Plassen in Vinkeveen (NL)

At Wasserij de Plassen in Vinkeveen (NL) Dunnewolt delivered and installed a new monorail system D2 – OC. The purchase order from Jensen Benelux containes 40 new bag containers OC, a double column electric hoist,  new stopstations and pushers. With this new monorail system Wasserij de Plassen increased their capacity.


Aramark Inc. in Stockton (USA)

Dunnewolt B.V. delivered and installed an extension to the D2 – 820 monorail system at Aramark in Stockton (USA). The purchase order from Senso Technics B.V. contained also 2 pieces new and redesigned original Dunnewolt stainless steel sorting bins respectively with 12 and 16 positions. Also 100 new bag containers, several pneumatic and electric hoists, switches and switch sections, bends etc. were installed. Also a general overhaul was performed at the existing Dunnewolt conveyor.