Dunnewolt Monorail systems

  • - D1 Storage soiled system
  • - D2 Soiled system
  • - D3 Clean system

The designers and electrical engineers of Dunnewolt know their job and know it well. They fully understand that a logistics system must work for you: efficiently, intelligently, and quickly. That’s why the Dunnewolt systems organize the continuous flow of linen and control the entire cycle from arrival to delivery. And why the logistics of the Dunnewolt systems help you save labour, time and money. Our specially designed and tailor-made management programs make life easier for operators, employees and management, while ensuring optimal efficiency and speed. All our customers assure us that the Dunnewolt systems help them maximize their return-on-investment from day one. They have already discovered that Dunnewolt is the secret to maximum efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art management control systems form a fundamental part of the installation and are extensively tested before commissioning. These are also made in close collaboration with our customers. The connectivity of the automated systems in a network guarantees optimal harmonization of each and every part in the production process, so stagnations and insufficient use of the system’s capacity are avoided. The advanced possibilities of the Dunnewolt management systems feature an additional saving in labour capacity and an enhanced production load. Effectiveness is the keyword here! The fully computer-operated Dunnewolt systems guarantee a truly efficient usage of the installation. They allow the operators to manage the logistical flow directly with user-friendly control panels which are integrated into a network. This enables operators to be directly involved in the laundry process. More than thirty years of our own experience and the added know-how of all our customers worldwide have given us unparalleled expertise in the field of logistic systems. No matter how large or complex. Using modern Computer Aided Design techniques and state-of-the-art equipment gives us a competitive edge. So it’s hardly surprising that our customers tell us that Dunnewolt systems are the most reliable and fast systems available on the market.