Dunnewolt Monorail Systems


The designers and electrical engineers of Dunnewolt know their job and know it well. They fully understand that a logistics system must work for you: efficiently, intelligently, and quickly. That’s why the Dunnewolt systems organize the continuous flow of linen and control the entire cycle from arrival to delivery. And why the logistics of the Dunnewolt systems help you save labour, time and money. Our specially designed and tailor-made management programs make life easier for operators, employees and management, while ensuring optimal efficiency and speed. All our customers assure us that the Dunnewolt systems help them maximize their return-on-investment from day one. They have already discovered that Dunnewolt is the secret to maximum efficiency.



Our state-of-the-art management control systems form a fundamental part of the installation and are extensively tested before commissioning. These are also made in close collaboration with our customers. The connectivity of the automated systems in a network guarantees optimal harmonization of each and every part in the production process, so stagnations and insufficient use of the system’s capacity are avoided.The advanced possibilities of the Dunnewolt management systems feature an additional saving in labour capacity and an enhanced production load. Effectiveness is the keyword here! The fully computer-operated Dunnewolt systems guarantee a truly efficient usage of the installation. They allow the operators to manage the logistical flow directly with user-friendly control panels which are integrated into a network. This enables operators to be directly involved in the laundry process. More than thirty years of our own experience and the added know-how of all our customers worldwide have given us unparalleled expertise in the field of logistic systems. No matter how large or complex. Using modern Computer Aided Design techniques and state-of-the-art equipment gives us a competitive edge. So it’s hardly surprising that our customers tell us that Dunnewolt systems are the most reliable and fast systems available on the market.



All parts of the conveyor system are completely designed and manufactured in our modern plant in the Netherlands, which is fully equipped to build sophisticated sorting and handling systems. After extensive testing and painstaking quality control the system is shipped to you where it is installed and commissioned by our technical staff. Both the design and finishing of the Dunnewolt systems are aimed at effectiveness, reliability and durability. Our customers know and say that Dunnewolt conveyor systems are virtually maintenance free.



Effectively utilizing the available workspace plays an important role in calculating the final cost of your services. Cost-effectiveness is always an important criterion in selecting a logistical system. We, with Dunnewolt, are definitely aware of that. Dunnewolt therefore makes full use of the available space. Optimal results are achieved by using our advanced storage systems and revolutionary space saving hardware, made of extremely durable materials. And the system’s lay-out and customized design may prevent a possible costly expansion of the site’s space. That’s why our clients view Dunnewolt as their strategic business-partners.



From start to finish, Dunnewolt takes care of every stage of the logistics process. Our client’s wished and specific demands are all taken into account. The ease of use of our systems is well-known and highly valued with our customers throughout the world, while our user-training ensures smooth acceptance by your laundry operators. After all, it is people who work with the systems.



After thorough analysis of the production site and the desired linen capacity, the conveyor system is made to measure. The modularity of the Dunnewolt systems makes a tailor-made design easily possible. The modular design also gives us the definite advantage of fast and sure assembly; which means you can start producing without any delay. Whenever a problem should occur, our installation guarantees a lightning fast solution at all times. Maintenance is also simple thanks to our support and maintenance schemes. You will experience the smooth operation of the Dunnewolt systems as all our clients already do.



Dunnewolt delivers tried and tested equipment, but we won’t stop there. Research & development is an important part of our job. Dunnewolt’s advanced monorail, for example, is one of the components that gives you a competitive start. The closed rail-profile, made of stainless steel, ensures a free moving trolley. Malfunctions and interruptions are prevented and it is impossible for the trolley to jump off the track, which ensures that injury is prevented. We cannot stress enough that these are very important aspects which are easily forgotten when buying a rail system. The stainless steel rail-profile is corrosion-free and offers higher strength and less wear and tear than any other material. The Dunnewolt rail system ensures prolonged and trouble-free operation even in extreme situations. That’s why our customers turn to Dunnewolt!



Our customers characterize Dunnewolt as ‘the one supplier who knows all about the business’. Our clients value us for our thorough understanding as well as fast and reliable after-sales support. Dunnewolt’s service goes beyond the delivery of systems alone. In addition to worldwide system installation and commissioning, our ‘on-line’ help and user-training, the Dunnewolt conveyor systems feature optimal and direct usage. Our special ‘remote-support’ by modem or internet gives our customers a helping hand wherever they are located, at any hour of the day. We take our business seriously!



Our estimates and calculations comprise all aspects of the desired components. From the smallest part to complete systems, including the specially written tailor-made management software. So you will never be confronted with an unpleasant financial surprise. Dunnewolt systems are among the most modern and advanced on the market. We look at every new development, and often initiate them ourselves. Each development is examined and thoroughly tested by our researchers. Our software engineers and computer programmers continuously develop new applications which result in modern production environments which operate even faster and more efficiently. Let our systems and our service convince you, as they have convinced our existing customers. We will be happy to introduce them to you.



Primary conveyors for unsorted dirty linen, the so called D1 system.

Secondary conveyors for sorted dirty linen, the D2 system. Within the D2 system you can choose between sorting directly in a sack, in a sorting kart or by the new patented DAXX vacuum system.

Tertiary conveyors for the clean linen, the D3 system.



Within the system range there is a further choice between a single trolley bag and a double trolley bag. Single trolley bags are used mainly for manually loaded systems or for areas where little space is available, while double trolley bags are very suitable to be loaded automatically because of the large loading opening.

The systems are mainly designed to work with gravity, but when necessary, driven sections will be applied. Large height differences are covered by inclined conveyors and vertical hoists.

All our systems are always made of our own unique stainless steel rail profile. The enclosed shape is the best possible protection to the most essential part of the rail, the horizontal track. On this track the precision bearings of the wheels don’t have any trouble to perform optimally on the slightest gradient, year by year.



• Establishment of Dunnewolt in 1971.

• Total supplied systems worldwide over 2.000.

• Systems exported to more then 30 countries.

• The Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group, including Dunnewolt has over 200 employees in 6 countries.