Our History


Founder L. van Herwijnen starts his career as an expert sales engineer in overhead conveyor systems at Teleflex B.V. in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  


Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V. was founded in Tiel, the Netherlands, by a group of experts in overhead conveyor systems.


Arcero Conveyors becomes part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group. With this acquisition Railtechniek can expand their product range with divers monorail and conveyor systems. 


With the establishment of Railtechnique France in Fontenay Tresigny (FR), the group has become a more International character and can cover France and all French speaking parts in the world.


Teleflex B.V. was acquired by Railtechniek van Herwijnen B.V.  Teleflex has a complete own product range available from monorail systems, chain conveyors, power and free conveyors as well of remote controls. With Teleflex being part of the group, Railtechniek van Herwijnen can reduce delivery time, being more flexible and improving quality. In 2000 Teleflex has moved to a new, modern office and production location in Tiel.


With Stewart Gill Conveyors joining the group, the delivery of the popular STS chain conveyors has been secured for current and future clients. With this acquisition Railtechniek also strengthens its position on the English market.  


TXF Railtechniek, formerly known as Teleflex GmbH, located in Heiligenhaus (DE) becomes part of the Railtechniek Group. TXF manufactures a light range of chain conveyors and power and free conveyors. Railtechniek strengthens his position in Germany by having their own manufacturing facilities as well as an sales office in Germany.


With the constant growth of the companies in the Group also the technical knowledge and know-how grows. This results in many patents for all kind of applications. An example is a manipulator for monorail systems in the wood painting industry.


Another conveyor system type is added to the product range with the acquisition of "FTF Fördertechnik". 


With Dunnewolt Conveyors joining the group, Railtechniek van Herwijnen has added a division with experience over 50 years that is specialized in laundry conveyors systems. Dunnewolt Conveyors has delivered complete systems all over the world.


Teleflex B.V. has taken over the partnership for the Netherlands for GIS A.G.. GIS is a Swiss manufacturer for electric chain hoists and lifting solutions.


By adding Amerflex to the group, Railtechniek has even more railsystems and remote control systems in its delivery program.


The Italian manufacturer of overhead conveyor systems STAM Srl, becomes part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group.  STAM Srl. enriches the group with many years of expertise of manufacturing conveyors especially for the clothing and warehouse industry.


With Flowlink Srl.,  Railtechniek adds the inventor of the first power and free system to its group. More than 50 years’ experience within Flowlink of domestic and foreign markets Railtechniek has a solid base in Italy for further expansion.