Facts and Figures


Primary conveyors for unsorted dirty linen, the so called D1 system. Secondary conveyors for sorted dirty linen, the D2 system. Within the D2 system you can choose between sorting directly in a sack or in a sorting kart. Tertiary conveyors for the clean linen, the D3 system.


Within the system range there is a further choice between a single trolley bag and a double trolley bag. Single trolley bags are used mainly for manually loaded systems or for areas where little space is available, while double trolley bags are very suitable to be loaded automatically because of the large loading opening. The systems are mainly designed to work with gravity, but when necessary, driven sections will be applied. Large height differences are covered by inclined conveyors and vertical hoists. All our systems are always made of our own unique stainless steel rail profile. The enclosed shape is the best possible protection to the most essential part of the rail, the horizontal track. On this track the precision bearings of the wheels don’t have any trouble to perform optimally on the slightest gradient, year by year.


•Establishment of Dunnewolt in 1971.

•Total supplied systems worldwide over 2.000.

•Systems exported to more then 30 countries.